Title slide from Dr. Henry Neeman's talk on the 2020 virtual residency program

Here is a video of Henry Neeman's talk about our resent Virtual Residency Workshop paper published as part of PEARC'21 "Evaluation of Virtual Residency Workshop Intmd/Adv 2020" Neeman et al

Become a Certified CyberAmbassador!

Mon 07 June 2021 by Dirk Colbry

CyberAmbassador Graphic Element: Two individuals shaking hands. One is a scientist the other is a CI professional. Their handshake forms a kind of smile.

About the Program

The NSF-funded CyberAmbassador program offers training in communication, teamwork and leadership skills for CyberInfrastructure (CI) Professionals. The training is free and will be offered virtually during Summer 2021. The training offers opportunities to practice professional skills in the context of multidisciplinary research, and is appropriate for college …

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New Teaming-Up Effective Groups and Meetings

Thu 12 November 2020 by Dirk Colbry

Mark and David headshots Assigning individuals to work in a group does not automatically create a well-functioning team. The “Teaming Up” session focuses on understanding the conditions necessary for groups to develop into effective teams and offers participants practical tools for encouraging team growth. This session also explores ways to make meetings more effective …

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Michigan State University Research Support Network

Fri 31 July 2020 by Dirk Colbry

Spartan Head Logo from Michigan State University

Michigan State University is starting up a network of research facilitators from many units across campus. They hosted a 3 afternoon virtual workshop on July 29-31st to bring this team together. As part of the workshop the CyberAmbassadors conducted 7 out of the 9 CyberAmbassador modules with a team of …

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PEARC 2020 Best Paper Award

Wed 01 July 2020 by Dirk Colbry

Trophy Clip Art

We are pleased to share that our most recent paper entitled "CyberAmbassadors: Results from Pilot Testing a New Professional Skills Curriculum" By Astri Briliyanti, Julie Wilson Rojewski, Katy Luchini-Colbry, and Dirk Colbry was given the best paper award in the PEARC 2020 “People involved in research computing – workforce development, diversity …

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Online Equity, Inclusion and Ethics Module for Virtual Residency

Wed 10 June 2020 by Dirk Colbry

Picture of the scales of justice with the word ethics on one side

Last week we had about 120 people attend a CyberAmbassador session during the week long Virtual Residency. This is our fourth Virtual Residency and even though it was entire online I still think it was an outstanding workshop. Henry Neeman does such a wonderful job organizing and hosting the event …

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Great Plains Network On-line Trainings

Tue 19 May 2020 by Dirk Colbry

Grate Plains Network Logo

The Great Plains Network (GPN), a non-profit consortium aggregating networks through GigaPoP connections while advocating collaboration and cyberinfrastructure research on behalf of universities and community innovators across the Midwest and Great Plains, hosted a three day CyberAmbassador workshop at the end of May 2020. Although initially scheduled as an in-person …

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Your Engineering Future Began Over 40 Years ago

Sat 01 February 2020 by Dirk Colbry

Tau Beta Pi Logo

A really nice artical about the Engineering Future programs which mentions CyberAmbassador program was highlighted in the Tau Beta Pi Bulletin publication for collegiate chapters.

See the full article here

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CyberAmbassadors Fellows Training Workshop

Tue 28 January 2020 by Dirk Colbry

Group Picture of January 2020 Fellows

Michigan State University hosted 20 volunteers from across the country on January 28-29 for our second CyberAmbassadors Fellows train-the-trainers Program. We trained facilitators on how to conduct professional skills workshops using the CyberAmbassadors training curriculum.

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Second Offering of the Graduate CyberAmbassador Course

Mon 06 January 2020 by Dirk Colbry

Meeting image

This semester we are teaching, for the second time, an in-person class at Michigan State University to provide the CyberAmbassador curriculum in its entirety. The course will consists of ~16 hours of the CyberAmbassador training, ~9 hours of Entering Mentoring curriculum and ~6 hours of discussion-based RCR (responsible conduct of …

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