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The CyberAmbassador program is seeking experienced CyberInfrastructure (CI) professionals to train as workshop facilitators for the newly developed CyberAmbassador Professional Skills training program.

Fellows will be trained to facilitate the CyberAmbassador curriculum (covering communications, teamwork and leadership skills) and will host one or more CyberAmbassador workshops during the 12-month fellowship.

At the successful completion of the Fellowship year, participants will earn certification as a Trained Facilitator and be named a Founding Fellow of the CyberAmbassadors program.

Fellowship Expectations

  • Training. CyberAmbassador Fellows must attend (in person) the training workshop at Michigan State University July 18-19, 2019. There is no cost to participate, and travel expenses will be reimbursed (note that a valid Social Security number is required in order to receive reimbursements).
  • Facilitating. CyberAmbassador Fellows agree to schedule, organize and facilitate a minimum of 4 hours of training using the CyberAmbassador curriculum and feedback mechanisms within the fellowship year (between August 1, 2019, and September 1, 2020). Fellows may fulfill this expectation in many ways, such as organizing a workshop for CI or IT personnel at their home institution; offering training at a conference or professional meeting; or providing online training for professional groups. Fellows will receive ongoing advice and support as they organize and facilitate their own CyberAmbassador training(s) - including the option to have an experienced facilitator assist in co-teaching the first workshop.

Apply by June 12, 2019!

The application process requires:

  • A one-page letter describing: (1) why you want to be a CyberAmbassador Fellow; (2) what you hope to contribute to the program; and (3) how you would fulfill the expectation to organize and facilitate a minimum of 4 hours of training during the fellowship year (please indicate where, when, and to what audience you might present the CyberAmbassadors program).
  • Your current resume or CV
  • Completion of the brief application form (which requests that you submit the two documents listed above):

Google Application Form

Applications will close on Wed. June 12th and awardees will be announced no later than Mon. June 17th.

For more information please contact Dirk Colbry (

Virtual Residency Introductory/Intermediate Workshop 2019

Fri 07 June 2019 by Dirk Colbry

OU Supercomputing Center for Education & Research

This has been the third time CyberAmbassadors program has presented at the annual Virtual Residency in Oklahoma. We must be doing something right because the organizers keep inviting us back. This year we presented three of the Cyber Ambassador Modules:

Tuesday 10:45am-12:00 noon Introduction to CyberAmbassadors / First Contact …

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Poster Presentation at the SciTS 2019 Conference -- The CyberAmbassador Training Program

Tue 21 May 2019 by Astri Briliyanti

Image Astri presenting next to her poster

We are so happy to participate and present our work at the 10th Annual International Science of Team Science Conference (SciTS) 2019 in Lansing, Michigan. In this poster, we introduce our curriculum and offer preliminary result from the ongoing evaluation of our program. During the first year, we have focused …

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That's a wrap! First Graduate CyberAmbassador Course Completes.

Fri 26 April 2019 by Dirk Colbry

Picture of Entire Class

We just completed our first semester long CyberAmbassador class.

CMSE890 special topics course provided professional skills training in communications, teamwork, ethics and leadership for graduate students, including training in how to be an effective research mentor. Class materials are drawn from the CyberAmbassador program funded by the National Science Foundation …

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Evaluating Solutions to Hosting Community Maintained Materials with Content Management Systems

Fri 05 April 2019 by Dirk Colbry

TJ and Dirk in front of the poster

This poster presents work by CyberAmbassador undergraduate researcher, TJ Van Nguyen, which compares several solutions to develop a website to host and share CyberAmbassador OpenSource educational materials. The goal is to build a system that is easy for instructors to explore, find and modify content to fit their needs. Any …

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Understanding Research Technology Support and Where it Fails

Tue 26 March 2019 by Dirk Colbry

Image of a Microscope

Dirk was was invited to give a talk to a newly formed IT Research Support group on MSU's campus. As the name suggests, the purpose of this group is to find the best ways to help researchers use technology to do their science.

This talk was a patchwork of existing …

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First Full Day Communication Workshop

Mon 18 March 2019 by Dirk Colbry

UTC picture

We just completed our first full-day communication workshop at the University of Tennessee. There was a small hick-up with flight delays but once things got rolling the workshop turned out great. This is the first time we have integrated the three separate communication modules:

  • First Contact
  • Complex conversations
  • Communicating a …
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First Contact (Newest Module)

Fri 01 March 2019 by Dirk Colbry


We just finished developing and presenting our latest module called "first contact". This module looks at new conversations and how you can prepare yourself for unexpected opportunities to build new relationships.

Overall our CMSE890 graduate students seemed to enjoy the exercise. They gave us some great and I really think …

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CaRCC Research Facilitation Monthly Meeting - Complex Convsersations

Thu 14 February 2019 by Dirk Colbry

CaRCC Logo

We just got finished presenting the Complex Conversations module to the monthly research facing meeting for the Campus Research Computing Consortium (CaRCC) . This session conducted completely online using Zoom.

Amazing group of people.

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Graduate CyberAmbassador Course

Thu 10 January 2019 by Dirk Colbry

Meeting image

This semester we are teaching a in-person class at Michigan State University to provide the CyberAmbassador curriculum in its entirety. The course will consists of ~16 hours of the CyberAmbassador training, ~9 hours of Entering Mentoring curriculum and ~6 hours of discussion-based RCR (responsible conduct of research) training required of …

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