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We are pleased to share that our most recent paper entitled "CyberAmbassadors: Results from Pilot Testing a New Professional Skills Curriculum" By Astri Briliyanti, Julie Wilson Rojewski, Katy Luchini-Colbry, and Dirk Colbry was given the best paper award in the PEARC 2020 “People involved in research computing – workforce development, diversity, and professionalization” Track​.

The award winners were selected by independent juries, separate ones for each conference track from candidates that were most highly-rated in the conference’s peer review process. The juries deemed the winning manuscripts to be comprehensively well rounded, reflective of deep understanding of the subject areas discussed, and of very high quality overall.

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Online Equity, Inclusion and Ethics Module for Virtual Residency

Wed 10 June 2020 by Dirk Colbry

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Last week we had about 120 people attend a CyberAmbassador session during the week long Virtual Residency. This is our fourth Virtual Residency and even though it was entire online I still think it was an outstanding workshop. Henry Neeman does such a wonderful job organizing and hosting the event …

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Great Plains Network On-line Trainings

Tue 19 May 2020 by Dirk Colbry

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The Great Plains Network (GPN), a non-profit consortium aggregating networks through GigaPoP connections while advocating collaboration and cyberinfrastructure research on behalf of universities and community innovators across the Midwest and Great Plains, hosted a three day CyberAmbassador workshop at the end of May 2020. Although initially scheduled as an in-person …

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Your Engineering Future Began Over 40 Years ago

Sat 01 February 2020 by Dirk Colbry

Tau Beta Pi Logo

A really nice artical about the Engineering Future programs which mentions CyberAmbassador program was highlighted in the Tau Beta Pi Bulletin publication for collegiate chapters.

See the full article here

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CyberAmbassadors Fellows Training Workshop

Tue 28 January 2020 by Dirk Colbry

Group Picture of January 2020 Fellows

Michigan State University hosted 20 volunteers from across the country on January 28-29 for our second CyberAmbassadors Fellows train-the-trainers Program. We trained facilitators on how to conduct professional skills workshops using the CyberAmbassadors training curriculum.

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Second Offering of the Graduate CyberAmbassador Course

Mon 06 January 2020 by Dirk Colbry

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This semester we are teaching, for the second time, an in-person class at Michigan State University to provide the CyberAmbassador curriculum in its entirety. The course will consists of ~16 hours of the CyberAmbassador training, ~9 hours of Entering Mentoring curriculum and ~6 hours of discussion-based RCR (responsible conduct of …

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Now Accepting Application for CyberAmbassadors Fellows Program for January 2020

Fri 01 November 2019 by Dirk Colbry

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The CyberAmbassador program is seeking experienced CyberInfrastructure (CI) professionals to train as workshop facilitators for the newly developed CyberAmbassador Professional Skills training program.

Fellows will be trained to facilitate the CyberAmbassador curriculum (covering communications, teamwork and leadership skills) and will host one or more CyberAmbassador workshops during the 12-month fellowship …

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Sherpas of Supercomputing

Sun 15 September 2019 by Dirk Colbry

Cover picture of the September 2019 ASEE PRISM Magazine Featuring the Sherpas of Supercomputing article

The CyberAmbassador program is highlighted in an ASEE PRISM Magazine article about research facilitation.

An essential, if not yet well-defined, field is emerging at the intersection of research and the high-performance machines that make sense of big data. By Lucy Birmingham and Mark Matthews

See the full article here

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Cultivating the Cyberinfrastructure Workforce via an Intermediate/Advanced Virtual Residency Workshop

Wed 31 July 2019 by Dirk Colbry

Picture from OK

Henry Neeman presented a paper about the 2018 virtual residency workshop held in Oklahoma. The paper included some sections about the CyberAmbassador curriculum that we presented. We presented a paper on Wednesday at the PEARC19 conference.


Cyberinfrastructure (CI) Facilitation is the process of helping researchers to use research computing …

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The CyberAmbassador Training Program paper presented at PEARC19

Wed 31 July 2019 by Dirk Colbry



The CyberAmbassador project aims to provide professional skills training for CyberInfrastructure (CI) professionals, with the goal of developing “CyberAmbassadors” who are prepared to facilitate and lead multidisciplinary, computationally-intensive research. This NSF funded program (Award Number 1730137) has the following objectives: (1) Develop curriculum that focuses on professional skills (communications …

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