Making an academic publications page

Thu 01 June 2017 by authorname

For an academic website, publications are often useful. This post describes a process for adding publications to your pelican website using pelican. You can view the page generated using this post here:


Step 1: Generate bibtex file

First you need a bibtex file. This tutorial has only been tested with bibtex files generated by Zotero.

  • In zotero, make a folder and add all references that you would like to see in your publications page.
  • Right-click on the folder and select Export Collection.... Pick the "Bibtex" option and save your file with the bib2html/publications.bib filename.

Step 2: Run the bib2html command

Next you need to run the bib2html command to generate the basic html file. The provided makefile has a shortcut:

make bib

This will generate the content/pages/publications.html file.

Step 3: Run the make html command as before

Now that we have an a publications.html file we can run the make html command to add the pelican template components.

make html

Final Notes

This part of the tutorial is a work in progress. If you change your bib file you have to repeat the steps above. Here are some things to consider:

  • Bibliogrphy entries must have author, title and year (or date)* to work.
  • Everytime you change the publications.bib file you need to run the make bib command.