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  • Colbry, Dirk, Murillo, Michael, Alessio, Adam and Christlieb, Andrew, Computational mathematics , science and engineering ( cmse ): establishing an academic department dedicated to scientific computation as a discipline, The Journal of Computational Science Education 11, 68-72, 2020 [html] [doi]


  • Briliyanti, Astri, Rojewski, Julie, Nguyen, TJ Van, Colbry, Katy Luchini and Colbry, Dirk, The cyberambassador training program, 2019
  • Neeman, Henry, Al-Azzawi, Hussein, Brunson, Dana, Burke, William, Colbry, Dirk, Falgout, Jeff T , Ferguson, James W , Gesing, Sandra, Gyllinsky, Joshua, Simmons, Christopher S , Simms, Jason L , Tanash, Mohammed, Voss, Daniel, Wells, Jason and Yockel, Scott, Cultivating the cyberinfrastructure workforce via an intermediate / advanced workshop in the virtual residency program, Proceedings of pearc18 practice and experience in advanced research computing, 2019
  • Luchini-Colbry, Kathleen, McComb, Chrisopher, Colbry, Dirk, Rojewski, Julie and Briliyanti, Astri, Engineering futures : updating a successful professional development program to address new challenges, 2019 asee annual conference \& exposition, 2019
  • Luchini-Colbry, Kathleen, Colbry, Dirk, Rojewski, Julie and Briliyanti, Astri, Partners in professional development : initial results from a collaboration between universities , training programs , and professional societies, 2019 asee annual conference \& exposition, 2019


  • Neeman, Henry, Al-Azzawi, Hussein M , Bergstrom, Aaron, Braiterman, Zoe K , Brunson, Dana, Colbry, Dirk, Colmenares, Eduardo, Fuller, Akilah N , Gesing, Sandra, Kalyvaki, Maria, Mizumoto, Claire, Park, Jeho, Schwartz, Anita Z , Simms, Jason L and Vania, Rustomji, Progress update on the development and implementation of the advanced cyberinfrastructure research \& education facilitators virtual residency program, Proceedings of the practice and experience on advanced research computing, 71:1-71:7, 2018 [html] [doi]
  • Murashova, Gabrielle, Colbry, Dirk and Marcos, Dantus, Spectral unmixing of the native endogenous fluorophores of unstained tissues using multimodal nonlinear optical imaging and comparison of inverse problem solving methods, 2018


  • Balachandran, S , Radha, Z , Colbry, D and Crimp, M A, Focused ion beam ( fib ) based tomography of dislocations using electron channeling contrast imaging ( ecci ), Microscopy and Microanalysis 23, 572-573, 2017 [html] [doi]


  • Colbry, D, Getexample: reducing barriers to entry on shared hpc resources, 2016 third international workshop on hpc user support tools ( hust ), 1-5, 2016 [doi]
  • Danielak, Brian, O'Shea, Brian and Colbry, Dirk, Using principles from the learning sciences to design a data - driven introduction to computational modeling, Workshop on teaching computational science ( wtcs ), 2016


  • Nault, Rance, Colbry, Dirk, Brandenberger, Christina, Harkema, Jack R and Zacharewski, Timothy R, Development of a computational high - throughput tool for the quantitative examination of dose - dependent histological features, Toxicologic Pathology 43, 366-375, 2015 [html] [doi]
  • Howell, Jim, Bauer, Wolfgang, Colbry, Dirk, Pickett, Rodney, Staber, Alec, Sagert, Irina and Strother, Terrance, Parallelization of kinetic theory simulations, Nuclear physics : present and future, 183-192, 2015 [html]
  • Sagert, Irina, Howell, Jim, Staber, Alec, Strother, Terrance, Colbry, Dirk and Bauer, Wolfgang, Knudsen-number dependence of two-dimensional single-mode rayleigh - taylor fluid instabilities, Physical Review. E, Statistical, Nonlinear, and Soft Matter Physics 92, 013009, 2015 [doi]


  • Colbry, Dirk and Colbry, Kathleen, Scaffolded structuring of undergraduate research projects, The annual conference of the american society for engineering education, 2014 [html]
  • Colbry, Dirk, Icer interns : engaging undergraduates in high performance computing, Proceedings of the 2014 annual conference on extreme science and engineering discovery environment, 71, 2014 [html]
  • Colbry, Dirk, Managing advanced computational resources to encourage best practices for developing repeatable scientific software, reproducibility XSEDE: An XSEDE14 Workshop, 2014 [html]
  • Chen, Jinzhu, Tan, Rui, Wang, Yu, Xing, Guoliang, Wang, Xiaorui, Wang, Xiaodong, Punch, Bill and Colbry, Dirk, A sensor system for high - fidelity temperature distribution forecasting in data centers, ACM Transactions on Sensor Networks (TOSN) 11, 30, 2014 [html]
  • Sagert, Irina, Bauer, Wolfgang, Colbry, Dirk, Howell, Jim, Pickett, Rodney, Staber, Alec and Strother, Terrance, Hydrodynamic shock wave studies within a kinetic monte carlo approach, Journal of Computational Physics 266, 191-213, 2014 [html] [doi]


  • Sagert, Irina, Bauer, Wolfgang, Colbry, Dirk, Pickett, Rodney and Strother, Terrance, Building a hydrodynamics code with kinetic theory, Journal of physics : conference series 458, 012031, 2013 [html]
  • Colbry, Dirk and Shrikhande, Neelima, Discrete and continuous curvature computation for real data, Is \& t spie electronic imaging, 90250L-90250L, 2013 [html]
  • Colbry, Dirk and Luchini-Colbry, Kathleen, Stem insight : developing a research skills course for first - and second - year students, Proceedings of the 2013 conference of the american society for engineering education, 2013
  • Colbry, Dirk, Punch, William and Bauer, Wolfgang, The institute for cyber - enabled research : regional organization to promote computation in science, Proceedings of 2013 xsede conference, 2013
  • Colbry, Dirk, Dyer, Fred, Dworkin, Ian, Wang, Yang and Wang, Lifeng, Speeding up scientific imaging workflows : design of automated image annotation tool, Workshop on user - center computer vision ( uccv ), 2013 [html]
  • Colbry, Dirk and Luchini-Colbry, Kathleen, Gadget avalanche : a technology literacy course for novice adults, 2013 asee annual conference \& exposition, 2013


  • Chen, Jinzhu, Tan, Rui, Wang, Yu, Xing, Guoliang, Wang, Xiaorui, Wang, Xiaodong, Punch, B and Colbry, D, A high - fidelity temperature distribution forecasting system for data centers, Real- time systems symposium ( rtss ), 2012 ieee 33rd, 215-224, 2012 [doi]
  • Ingle, Nicholis, Door, Tim, Colbry, Dirk and Dyer, Fred, Coordination of vision and action in chameleons, 2012
  • Xin, Junjun, Bardel, Chuck, Colbry, Dirk, Udpa, Lalita and Udpa, Satish, Simultaneous iterative reconstruction techniques for computerized tomography on gpu, 2012
  • Colbry, Dirk and Luchini-Colbry, Katy, Cybergreen : hands - on engineering research in sustainability and supercomputing ”, 2012 [html]


  • Colbry, Dirk, Reducing the barrier to entry using portable apps, Proceedings of the 2011 teragrid conference : extreme digital discovery, 47:1-47:1, 2011 [html] [doi]


  • McDaniel, Troy, Villanueva, Daniel, Krishna, Sreekar, Colbry, Dirk and Panchanathan, Sethuraman, Heartbeats: a methodology to convey interpersonal distance through touch, Chi 2010 - the 28th annual chi conference on human factors in computing systems , conference proceedings and extended abstracts, 3985-3990, 2010


  • Colbry, D and Stockman, G, Real-time identification using a canonical face depth map, IET computer vision 3, 74-92, 2009 [html]
  • McDaniel, Troy L , Krishna, Sreekar, Colbry, Dirk and Panchanathan, Sethuraman, Using tactile rhythm to convey interpersonal distances to individuals who are blind, Chi '09 extended abstracts on human factors in computing systems, 4669-4674, 2009 [doi]
  • Krishnan, Narayanan C , Juillard, Colin, Colbry, Dirk and Panchanathan, Sethuraman, Recognition of hand movements using wearable accelerometers, Journal of Ambient Intelligence and Smart Environments 1, 143-155, 2009 [html] [doi]
  • Colbry, Dirk and Stockman, George, The 3did face alignment system for verifying identity, Image and Vision Computing 27, 1121-1133, 2009 [html] [doi]


  • David S Hayden, Dirk Colbry, Note-taker: enabling students who are legally blind to take notes in class., 10th ACM SIGACCESS Conference on Computers and Accessibility, Halifax, Canada (2008), 81-88, 2008 [doi]
  • Krishna, Sreekar, Balasubramanian, Vineeth, Colbry, Dirk, Panchanathan, Sethuraman and McDaniel, Troy, Using a haptic belt to convey non - verbal communication cues during social interactions to individuals who are blind ., 2008
  • Oki, Folarin Oki, Stockman, George and Colbry, Dirk, 3d face identification - experiments towards a large gallery, Publication: biometric technology for human identification v . edited by vijaya kumar , b . v . k .; prabhakar , salil ; ross , arun a . proceedings of the spie , volume 6944, article id. 694403, 9 pp. (2008), 2008
  • Krishnan, Narayanan, Colbry, Dirk, Juillard, Colin and Panchanathan, Sethuraman, Real time human activity recognition using tri - axial accelerometers, Senser, signal and information processing ( sensip ) workshop, 2008 [html]
  • Krishna, S , Colbry, D , Black, J , Balasubramanian, V and Panchanathan, S, A systematic requirements analysis and development of an assistive device to enhance the social interaction of people who are blind or visually impaired, Workshop on computer vision applications for the visually impaired, 2008 [html]


  • Luchini-Colbry, Katy, Dirk Colbry and Punch, William, Designing introductory programming courses for graduate and undergraduate students : a parallel case study, Sigcse '89 proceedings of the twentieth sigcse technical symposium on computer science education, 2007
  • Stockman, George and Colbry, Dirk, Identity verification via the 3did face alignment system, 2007 [html]
  • Colbry, Dirk and Stockman, George, Canonical face depth map : a robust 3d representation for face verification, Ieee conference on computer vision and pattern recognition , 2007. cvpr '07., 2007 [html]


  • Stockman, George, Payne, Jason, Sadler, Jermil and Colbry, Dirk, Error analysis of sensor input variations in a 3d face surface matching system., Sensor Review Journal 26, 116-121, 2006 [doi]
  • Lu, Xiaoguang, Jain, Anil and Colbry, Dirk, Matching 2. 5d face scans to 3d models, IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence 23, 31-43, 2006 [html] [doi]
  • Colbry, Dirk, Human face verification by robust 3d surface alignment, 2006 [html]


  • Colbry, Dirk, Cherba, David and Luchini, John, Pattern recognition for classification and matching of car tires, Journal of Tire Science and Technology 33, 2, 2005 [doi]
  • Colbry, Dirk, Stockman, George and Jain, Anil, Detection of anchor points for 3d face verification, Sensor Review Journal, 2005 [html]


  • Lu, Xiaoguang, Colbry, Dirk and Jain, Anil, Matching 2. 5d scans for face recognition, International conference on biometrics, 2004
  • Lu, Xiaoguang, Colbry, Dirk and Jain, Anil, Three- dimensional model based face recognition, 17th international conference on pattern recognition, 2004 [html]


  • Pollack, Martha E , Brown, Laura, Colbry, Dirk, McCarthy, Colleen, Orosz, Cheryl, Peintner, Bart, Ramakrishnan, Sailesh and Tsamardinos, Ioannis, Autominder: an intelligent cognitive orthotic system for people with memory impairment, Robotics and Autonomous Systems, 2003 [html]


  • Colbry, Dirk, Peintner, Bart and Pollack, Martha, Quantitative temporal relationships in dynamic bayesian models, Aaai spring symposium on information refinement and revision for decision making, 2002
  • Pollack, Martha, McCarthy, Colleen, Ramakrishnan, Sailesh, Tsamardinos, Ioannis, Brown, Laura, Carrion, Steve, Colbry, Dirk, Orosz, Cheryl and Peintner, Bart, Autominder: a planning , monitoring , and reminding assistive agent, 7th international conference on intelligent autonomous systems, 2002
  • Pollack, Martha, Engberg, Sandra, Thrun, Sebastian, Brown, Laura, Colbry, Dirk, Orosz, Cheryl, Peintner, Bart, Ramakrishnan, Sailesh, Dunbar-Jacob, Jacqueline and McCarthy, Colleen, Pearl: a mobile robotic assistant for the elderly, Aaai workshop on automatino as caregiver, 2002 [html]
  • Colbry, Dirk, Peintner, Bart and Pollack, Martha, Execution monitoring with quantitative temporal bayesian networks, 6th international conference on ai planning and scheduling, 2002 [html]

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