Campus Champions 101 Panel at PEARC18

Mon 23 July 2018 by Dr. Dirk Colbry

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I had an opportunity to participate on the "Researcher Facing" Panel as part of the Campus Champion 101 workshop at PEARC18.

Link to Notes For the Panel can be found here

The Campus Champions 101 workshop explores campus research computing roles. The workshop builds on the Campus Champions’ history and leverages the recent Research Computing and Data Professionals Job Elements and Career Guide that was developed by the March 2018 NSF-sponsored Campus Research Computing Consortium (CaRCC) workshop. Opening sessions will cover (a) the Cyberinfrastructure ecosystem and (b) research computing roles and responsibilities, introducing four broad job families: researcher-facing roles, systems-facing roles, sponsor/stakeholder-facing roles, and software/data-facing roles. Short talks, panels and roundtables will cover three of these four roles: researcher-facing, sponsor/stakeholder-facing, and systems-facing.