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Matrix Algebra with Computational Applications is a collection of Open Educational Resource (OER) materials designed to introduce students to the use of Linear Algebra to solve real-world problems. These materials were developed specifically for students and instructors working in a "flipped classroom" model that emphasizes hands-on problem-solving activities during class meetings, with students watching lectures and completing readings and assignments outside of the classroom.

MTH314 Cover

IEEE HPEC 2021 Presentation

Tue 21 September 2021 by Dr. Dirk Colbry


Nicholas Grabill, Kai Pinckard and I presented our most recent work on the SEE-Segment Project at the IEEE HPEC Converence. This is work that both students conducted during the summer of 2020 as part of the XSEDE Empower program.

Scaling of Evolutionary Search of Algorithm Space to Speed-Up Scientific ImageUnderstanding …

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OBS Default Backdrop on Mac

Tue 17 August 2021 by Dr. Dirk Colbry

My new default background picture

As we move online I have been experimenting with Open Broadcast Software (OBS Studio) as a way to improve my video input while I am in meetings and conducting lectures.

Although it had a small learning curve and often produces a lag between the audio and video; I really like …

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Davin Lin's Final Project Presentation (SEE-Classify)

Fri 30 July 2021 by Dr. Dirk Colbry

Davin's Poster

In the summer of 2021 Davin Lin worked with me as part of the ICER/ACERS REu program on his project titled "Simple Evolutionary Exploration in Classification Algorithms for Supervised Learning"

Genetic algorithms (GAs) find good solutions to search problems through a process inspired by evolution. Solutions are randomly selected …

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Nate Britton's Mid-Sure Project Presentation (Transfer learning)

Thu 29 July 2021 by Dr. Dirk Colbry

In the summer of 2021 Nate Britton worked with me as project titled "Reexamining Transfer Learning Image Segmentation Hypothesis by Scaling Up"

Image segmentation is a process in which an image is separated into foreground (areas of interest) and background regions. Image segmentation is used as a first step in …

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Making an Effective Video Presentation

Wed 30 June 2021 by Dr. Dirk Colbry

Texas A and M logo

I was asked to give an second of two "effective presentation" tutorials to a group of REU students at Texas A&M. This second part covers how to make an effective presentation with a focus on scientific introductions. I pulled heavily from the CCQH method described here:

CCQH refernece

Here …

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Camtasia Studio tutorial

Wed 09 June 2021 by Dr. Dirk Colbry

Camtasia Logo

I was asked to give an "effective presentation" tutorial to a group of REU students at Texas A&M. As I talked with the organizers we thought it would be helpful to do a two part tutorial. The first is more of a technical, hands-on workshop on how to use …

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SEE-Insight Research Group

Tue 25 May 2021 by Dr. Dirk Colbry

Title Slide for the SEE-Insight Overview Video

This week we had a bunch of new students join the SEE-Insight research group. I put together a quick introductory presentation for them. I thought it came out fairly well so I decided to post in here in case anyone is interested in learning more about what our group is …

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Refrigerator Shelf Repair

Sat 06 March 2021 by Dr. Dirk Colbry

Broken Connector

Our GE refrigerator shelf broke a few weeks ago. The connector on the door side was really weak and poorly designed.

Here is the other side to show you what it looks like when it is not broken.

Unbroken Fixture

I decided to 3D print a replacement. The design is fairly simple …

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MakerCrate Projects

Fri 05 March 2021 by Dr. Dirk Colbry

Safe Project

For Christmas my family got me a box full of MakerCrate projects from KiwiCo. There were five kits in the gift; one for me to work with each of my kids and one for myself. We had a lot of fun putting things together. The quality of the kits are …

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