Fish Tank Kids Coat Rack

Mon 01 September 2014 by Dr. Dirk Colbry


This one was a lot of fun. We have a coat area down by the back door landing. I used those plastic hooks with the special double sided tape that allows you to remove the hooks without damaging the wall. Unfortunate, the kids managed to pull the hooks off taking some paint and drywall with them.

Anyway my plan was to print put some new hooks using my 3D printer. I thought this would be the "cheap" way to go. I let my imagination get away with me and ended up with something a little more expensive but also something unique.


The design is quite simple and consists of two hooks I found on thingiverse; a fish:


And a round hook or bubble:

The overall affect is a fish tank with a bunch of fish skeletons swimming around.


The design is a little odd bit visually appealing and has a ton of places for the kids to hand stuff.

- Dirk

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