Light Box

Sun 11 May 2014 by Dr. Dirk Colbry

Light Box

In addition to making, I love to take pictures. Photography has been a passion of mine since I was my daughter's age. I remember one vacation in Lake Michigan with my family: my Aunt Pat gave me a 110 cartridge camera and basically just let me loose. I was hooked. The only problem with my habit was the cost of developing film, which I tried to pay for in high school by working at a one hour developing store and in college by working on the newspaper and yearbook. Finally, even though the resolution was poor, digital cameras allowed me to feed my habit - and as they continuously get better I haven't looked back.

I found the plans for this light box on the internet ( and thought it would make a good project for me and my kids. A light box will also come in handy if we need to take pictures of the things we are making.

The first step was to measure and cut the box. This is where we got stuck because the cardboard paper I had was a little old and yellowish. I wanted something cleaner so I had to set this project aside until I could by some better cardboard (and cloth, while I was at it).

I ended up buying Bristol board as recommend in the blog post. It has a nice smooth finish and I think it will work well.

My daughter and I cut out strips of the board and glued them to the box.

Once glued, we added the cloth and tested it out on my android phone. This looks okay, although I think I need some better (and brighter) lights - but this looks to be a good start.

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