Remember the Milk

Sat 19 May 2018 by Dr. Dirk Colbry

I have been a paid subscriber and dedicated customer to Remember the Milk (RTM) for many years (I have lost count). RTM is a todo list application. It is in the same category of something like Wonderlist and ToDoist (There are many others). RTM fits my personality and needs quite nicely. My workflow usese a lot of ideas from David Allen's "Getting things Done" (GTD) and I mostly utilize RTM with insparation from the following blog post:

Remember the Milk

Over the years I have thought about switching to one of the many different product. However, I like RTM, I like the company and it works for me. I have my "Smart lists" setup with my basic workflows.

The smart lists allow me to "Program" RTM and make it into the app I want. Sure there are a lot of features I would request but RTM is the tool for me.