Reverse Making

Sun 11 May 2014 by Dr. Dirk Colbry


I paid a visit to our university's surplus store. This is a wonderful place where the university can recycle and reuse some of its vast equipment and supplies. It turns out to be a big junk store. My goal was to find something useful that I could take apart with my kids; I came across this $3 drill that someone had already modified. You can tell by the after market trigger switch.


My daughters and I took this drill apart to see how it works. The girls loved the activity.



We had some trouble getting the chuck off, but overall it was a great way to spend an hour on Saturday. I was just going to throw away the drill, but I think the motor and gearbox may come in handy for a future project.


I like the idea of reverse making. This is an activity well-suited for younger kids. I plan to hit the garage sales this summer looking for things we can take apart and recycle or reuse for parts. Maybe we will build a robot!

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