JupyterInstruct Logo with a cartoon Jupiter at a chalkboard

I just uploaded my first developer release of my Python jupyterinstruct library on github. This library has been in development over the last couple of years but has really materialized in the last few months as I have been planning to pass on my curriculum materials to other faculty. The library has a number of main goals including:

  • Tools to help instructors maintain course materials all in one place including instructor notes and Answers.
  • Tools to help migrate curriculum form one semester to the next.
  • Tools to automatically generate websites and ebooks from notebooks.
  • Notebook validation tools to identify common problems with links, images and accessibility.
  • Tools to interface nbgrader with the MSU jupyterhub servers and MSU Desire2Learn course management systems.

Obviously there is a lot of work that still needs done but I am excited to continue develop these tools and hopefully make it easer to curate curriculum materials between semesters with the long term goals of saving instructor time while improving the learning experience for students.